Death inspires me!

Hello friends, Have you ever woke up one morning and start questioning God about some strange things that happens in your lives?

Okay let me quickly share a short story. 2 years ago I was struggling with life, I lost my dad, he went for vacation and he got shot on his stomach, he was taken to the hospital, but it saddens my heart to say that he couldn’t survive the incident. he left us so soon. I was depressed and I’ll stay up all night and start questioning God, about the death of my dad like why he doesn’t take the life of the wicked people ? Why my innocent dad?

It was heart breaking, I cried and just wanted to depart myself from people, but my mum kept telling me to always be thankful in any condiction I see myself.

Do you know how powerful that statement is? if you really take your time to understand it very well.

Sometimes family is family, but friends can actually be closer than family, my friend Sandra recommended me to start reading motivational books. I started reading motivational books and the first one that got me reading more was ‘’The power of positive thinking‘’

I started building my mindset in terms of, focusing on the things I have now. Counting my blessing,working on how to improve myself.

It is funny when people ask me what inspires me? My reply could be annoying to some, or some might not fully understand, whenever I tell them death inspires me. I am sorry to use the word but it truly inspires me, because my dad was one of the closest person that has ever passed.
Death affects people in different ways. For me death was an eye opening and a life sharpener, it made me realize that life is short , you need to understand things better and you also need to live in the now, and when I mean in the now, take advantage of things around you before its too late, when my dad died that was when I realized I need to start taking things serious like for example, I decided to go back to school. After I lost my dad I began to think about the fact that someone is older than you, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wiser. So death for me shape a lot and put alot of perspective on me. Don’t get me wrong I am not happy about it but the realization that is inevitable, because it will happen. Before I lost my dad there was one thing that he kept saying ‘’Joy if I die what will people think about me’’ So I just realize that when we die it is not the death that really matters, what really matters is the things that we left behind, what kind of story you have? Were you a good person to the world? The things people say about you are very important. Which is why I pray to God that I want to be a successful person but also make a difference, in terms of being a good person, people can always live to remember.

My goal in life is to be useful to the world, so death inspires me my friends.


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