My prayer journey

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For some time now, most recently, I have kind of been struggling with my thoughts. Mostly at times when I feel relief from my challenges, then the enemy seems to raise his ugly head every now and again in my life. Or for example If I feel at peace, and have the feeling that I won a battle then another situation comes up again. I tried to explain this to my friend Grace, since we both have shared a lot of similarities, and she advised me to continually pray, told me that devil does not sleep, so I should pray without ceasing. Grace And I have prayed a lot, she always tries to encourage me, build my spiritual growth, she teaches me how to be strong, whenever I am passing through spiritual battles, and well I must confess that I have been a newbie at this for awhile.  

Once I fast and pray, I always feel like yes I am free, and the enemy shows up again, from one situation to another, sometimes I ask myself if the enemy isn’t tired, for the constant battle, sometimes I get really angry, but then I don’t give up with prayers, and battles like these always makes me come closer to God, and make me a stronger person.

Last week I was kind of lazy to pray, patiently waiting for God to do everything he has promised to do in my life, I wasn’t really praying much the way I should, as usual the enemy comes to tempt me and to remind me of my laziness, at this point I was defeated, and it kind of got to me. The devil can easily destroy ones life, also lies a lot,  and one can easily fall  victim to it. It takes one to be strong in Christ before you can overcome the devil. Though my case is different, because I am God’s daughter and he shows me warning signs first, before I physically see the devil’s temptation. And for these, I am grateful of.

But  I am thankful, Jesus has assured us peace no matter every trials and sorrows that come our way (John 16:33)

During this journey of battling with the enemy, I come to see that there is power of prayer. Back in those days, I used to pray only when I go to church, or whenever I am passing through challenges, struggles, or hard times. This wasn’t the best decision,  (you know as a Christian we are always learning every day, nobody knows it all in life). Prayer should be constant, something part of our life, it should always be a communication between God and man. We should allow him to direct our parts, so life can be easier for us all.

According to the bible Jesus prayed all the time, there was never a time when he took a break, so my question today is If Jesus could continually pray, who are we not to pray repeatedly?

If you read the bible closely it talks how Jesus prayed and his sweat was dripping like  blood (Luke22:44). Even Jesus instructed his disciples to always pray so they don’t fall into temptation. So if Master Jesus could tell his disciples this, who are we not to pray constantly?

Why do we feel the need to wait until we have trails before we turn to God, or why do we wait until Sunday before we communicate with God?

I have had a lot of experience in the past, and  ever since I have been communicating to God through prayer, things have really been different in my life. And today my friends I encourage you to not be ignorant of the true power of prayer.

Till next time my friend. Until then, be great!


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