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Juan’s Blog

Hello friends, so this week’s blog is going to be something different, since this is a ‘’blog tour’’ week.I am to, write down two blog posts of my classmate, which are below my name at writeme, so the first one that is below my name, is Juan’s blog. I’ll love to share with you interesting topic she wrote about.

So basically Juan’s blog is about how we can build our Routine and live healthy, which is a very interesting topic to read.

The ‘’Supplements blogspot’’, post got my attention, this was very informative and interesting to me, I learned a lot and would like to share with you my friends.

Juan goes on to discuss how many people workout, they often ask themselves “Should I take supplements before I work out?” Supplements have been shown to improve the performance of people that are exercising. Also, those that are looking to gain weight can take different supplements as well as eat protein powder shakes to gain weight and muscle mass while working out. However, each needs to research what proteins and supplements are going to be right for their body. This is importantas not all proteins and supplements are going to work the same for each person trying to gain weight and muscle mass. One supplement to research is pre-workout. This is normally taken to give the person exercising an extra boost of energy. It has been found that those under 18 should not take this, as it can have health ramifications. Additionally, considering there are different kinds of protein powders, each will need to buy protein powder for what they are looking for in a workout. If someone is looking to get toned, then they should buy a protein powder to get toned.

     It is all up to the person exercising as to if they want to take pre-workout,supplements, and utilize protein powder before and after workouts. They should develop a comprehensive workout plan and decide if they want to incorporate these supplements and proteins into their life. These could make a big difference depending on what the person is looking for. If the person is simply looking to get toned, then they should find a protein powder for this, takelean supplements that will help them get toned, and develop a workout plan to  one different parts of their body. 

Juan made this blog fun to read, I really like how she shares her personal story on how she learned how to work out and gain muscle, these really motivated me, and guys I think I am going to try her method and see the result, and yes I’m sure and praying to God, it will work out! Well you know as they say, always trust the process,  

One thing I notice about Juan’s blog is that she kept it very simple, and well written, her points were outstanding too, one can tell that she put a lot of efforts.

I would recommend people who are willing to stay healthy to read Juan’s blog, it’s a life- changing my friends.

Thank me later 🙂 


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