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So the second blog on my name below is Lauren’s Blog, after reading about this post, I was really amazed and I got to learn new different things I didn’t know much about before, there are a lot of helpful points Lauren (I recommend everyone should read), made in her blog, but the one that got to me was how she talked about the differences between the pro-life and pro-choice.

Lauren goes on and illustrates the immense differences between being pro-life and pro-choice. She goes on to talk how pro-life is characterized as believing that every potential child deserves the right to live and abortions should not be legal. However, people that are pro-choice believe that every woman should be able to decide to keep or terminate her pregnancy because it is her body. It is important to understand the argument that both sides have so that you understand the information at hand as well as your own stance on abortion. Those that are pro-life believe that abortion is murder, as an attempt to kill an unborn child under the United States law is sent to prison.

Additionally, if a woman chooses to get pregnant, then she should deal with the consequences of her actions. If she is not ready to have a child, then she can give the baby up for adoption. Those that are pro-life also advocate the sentiment that abortion defies the word of God, as no distinction is made between a fetus and a baby in the Bible.

Those that are pro-choice feel very differently from those that are pro-life. For example, pro-choice advocates assert that in Roe v. Wade having access to safe abortion was considered a fundamental right. Also, being able to choose to have an abortion gives a woman freedom over her body, and it cannot be regulated by the government. Women will continuously seek abortions, even if they are not legal, as was demonstrated before Roe v. Wade where numerous women died after receiving botched abortions from doctors. Providing women with a safe space to have an abortion is crucial for their health, as even if abortions were illegal women would seek them out.Abortions also give mothers the choice of ending a pregnancy that would be harmful for them to the fetus.

At First, I thought this blog would be complicated to read, to understand and not an interesting one to me, but then I started to see myself in this situation, I started to connect on her blog, and yes it makes more sense to me now! I like how she shares her personal opinion about abortion, well I am neither for nor against abortion. Abortion exists, it is a thing. I feel like the decision should be left up for the pregnant woman to decide because in future she will be the one to face the consequence, nevertheless, Laura made this topic more clear to me. Her word choice was amazing I feel some women who are for or against abortion should read her blog before they made a decision in their lives,

I adamantly find this blog interesting and educative, I look forward to learning more on Lauren’s Blog, I would recommend these blog for people who are facing these challenges in life, and they don’t know the right decision to make.

I would advise you to take your time and read Lauren’s blog for full understanding.


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