How I spent my Saturday.

Hello friends!

Today’s post will be a bit different, as the regular post. Today I will be doing something different by telling you what I did on Saturday. Normally I usually talk about my relationship between God, but today I want to share with you how I spent my day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to meditate and pray, then I started my daily activities by accomplishing some things that I needed to get done by going to the grocery store, doing shopping at Walmart. Since I had a guest at my apartment, I shopped a lot and then went to the african food shop to get some items. By the time I got home, I started to make a meal for my guest and I. I made jollof rice.
I know some of my subscribers reading this post might not know what Jollof rice means, well Jollof rice is an African dish, which is originally according to history it’s from Senegal.  it’s a famous and very common dish, prepared in many African, and each country has their own unique method to prepare this meal. I have personally tasted jollof rice from other African countries and yes I must confess that Nigeria Jollof rice  is the best for me. ( I am not been biased, I am just saying the truth) 

After the meal we had an interesting conversation, we kind of talked about our goals in life, like how we would love to help others in need of it, and how we can bring out the best version of ourselves. Well, friends we had an interesting and educating conversation, so after the meal, a friend of mine invited me to a Christmas party which started at 6 pm. We got there a little bit late and I got introduced to my friend’s Co-workers, and they were all nice people. The pizza at Pizza Ranch was one of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The pizza looked like it came from heaven, that was sent directly from an angel above to me. (Okay I guess I am exaggerating) After the pizza, we had some amazing fries and chicken. The people I met at the gathering were so pleasant to be around. We ended up having a DJ at the party and I got up there and danced the night away. I got a lot of compliments from people saying I danced well. I must confess I never knew I could dance that well. I got a present from the people, but unfortunately, I did not have a present to give them.

After the event, my friend Helene invited me and some other church youth from the church, for a Christmas cookie party. She lived in a nice apartment building close to downtown and my friend Quinn was the only guy around at the gathering. (It was quite awkward for him to be the only guy, but he dealt with it nicely). At first, we had drinks and had a chance to talk and get to know each other better. All the girls that I met there were very friendly. We talked about each other’s lives and I was the only one there that was a student, since they have all graduated from university, and now work at mayo clinic. I decorated cookies with them and ate some of them. I tried to build a gingerbread house but was unsuccessful.

Once I left the event, I said my goodbyes to my new friends, and I ended up watching the lord of the rings movie with my friend Quinn.


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