About marriage.

The Topic of my choice I would like to discuss about today is marriage. A lot  of people want to get married, but the truth is does everyone know how to manage a marriage? Is marriage for everyone? Marriage is a holy institution and forms a base for a family. Today marriage has lost meaning to many people, and they do not view it as a holy institution anymore, and they think that they canter into marriage and exit at their pleasure. Disrespect to the marriage institution is the reason as to why there has been an increase in the divorce cases and the children caught up in a mess are the ones who suffer most. The creator of the women of faith blog must have noticed this trend in society and purposed to empower women to act as pillars in their families and take care of their marriages. According to the Bible, a marriage is a covenant t between two parties and only death is supposed to break the covenant because God hates divorce. He is the founder of the marriage institution and the manufacturer for any product is usually the one to give the guidelines for the usage of the product. Therefore, just as God instructs, divorce should not be an option when finding solutions to problems in the marriage. Christ based marriages are always successful because every time there was a problem in the marriage the partners will join hands and pray about it then God will intervene and make everything come back to normal. The women of faith blog encourages women to be prayerful and make sure they influence their partners to make peace in the family. When the families are at peace, the church will beat peace and the whole nation will experience harmony. The family is the basic unit in a great nation, Like my mum and late dad were a good example of how marriage should be, they were married for over 34 years, and their marriage were still fresh and exciting.

How to keep your marriage look fresh.
The two parties have to love themselves, because if there’s love between the two parties, it will give them a kind of hope and confident to move on and another point is trust! There must be a trust, in a marriage. And a marriage without trust is like “flogging a dead horse”. Another thing is sex, in terms of sex, the man has as to satisfy the woman in bed. Another big point is faith, you have to build your mindset that whom you are getting married to will be there with you forever, and you have to involve God into your marriage, because he’s the author of marriage. Another thing is, don’t involve third party to your marriage, if there’s an issue in ur marriage, talk to God or your spiritual pastor, so he could encourage you, rather than talking to friends or family. and another thing is cleanest, cleanest play a big role in marriage, some women or men don’t know how to clean themselves unlike before they got married, after they get married, they start bringing out some wired behavior these will make a marriage break, always look good, look presentable so at the end the parties don’t lack love from each others. the both parties have to be humble, there’s nothing like humility, maybe if the woman gets more money than the man then she might start looking down, or the other way round. And also both partners should learn how to control their selves, learn how to remove anger and try to tolerate some things.

So these are my little advice to married people and I hope these help your marriage. 


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