Women of faith blog

Hello friends, so today I will be writing from the ”women of faith” blog today. In women of faith blog, there is five categories, the home, who are we, community, store, blog, give, and contact page. The Creator of the women of faith blog created the blog with the aim of empowering women to be strong pillars in the society. The blog aims at bringing believers together to build the body of Christ. The blog encourages women to hold on to God and always pray for their marriages. The reason is that the creator of the blog understood that strong families are what bring about a strong nation. The blog has numerous articles of inspiration and also testimonies and examples of women who have been very successful in life. All articles have something in common in that they encourage women to uphold values such as love, faith, hope, gratitude and peace. Women of faith blog have led to the establishment of the women of faith radio which reaches out to women all over the world and share the word of God with them. It has been there for around 20 years, and everyone can access the radio from the blog. The blog also has a provision where an individual can submit their prayer request so that they can join hands with other women all over the world and help them to pray for a difficult situation that they might be going through. Women all over the world are free to subscribe to be ambassadors of women of faith group in different parts of the world. They are supposed to pay $33.33 to become ambassadors. The blogs also have one interesting verse that is useful in uplifting the spirits of women I enjoyed everything about this blog, I guess it’s one of my favourite faith blog. I feel like every women should read this blog, because it will educate women and make them live their best life in a Godly way, women should not allow any circumstances determine how they see life, I recommend this blog to women, it helps women to be fed with the biblical word, in terms of  what their perceptive or their mind set is on life, and for women to live their best life, is by making decision to change their lives for the better. By changing things women don’t like about ourselves, and making things look more better, like our mind set, or eating habit.
This blog taught me and made me realize how I can live my best life intention for God. Why I am uniquely made in this life,  I am a young woman of faith, a young woman who loves God and just tell people that they can live this unique life, creative life that God calls us to live, you can still live in the street dope, and love God, you don’t have to be super holy, or be in a certain way before you can love God. God we meet you where you are, and it happens so easily and you won’t even realize it.
I want to know what it means to live your own best life, and still love God. Leave your comment down below and don’t forget to check out ‘’Women of faith blog’’ Until next time! Be great.

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