Little things that matters to God.

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Hello guys, so yesterday I kind of had a long and great day, I woke very early at 7 am in the morning because my math class starts at 8 am, so I got to school on time, and after class I had 3 hours break, and then, I went for my psychology class, After my psychology class,  I went for the choir rehearsal at school, which was amazing, because I got to sing with my classmates, we rehearsed for 2 hours since we have an upcoming event in college on Saturday. Nevertheless, it was fun singing with talented people, and I can’t wait for our performance.

I got to my apartment by 5:30 pm and the first thing I did was, my laundry which took me up to an hour, so I was planning to have dinner but I was running out of time because I needed to go for an evening service in church which starts by 7 pm. I asked my friend Quinn if he could come with me, and he agreed, so we both went to the beautiful service together.

We got to church on time, the choir sang one of my favorite songs, called ‘’Here I am to worship’’, which still stick to my head till now, then Pastor ‘’Evans’’ preached for an hour, the topic was ”why we should involve God in every little thing we do’’, and this topic was so great guys, and got me thinking about my life, I would love to share this message with you,
Basically, he preached, how we Christian doesn’t really involve God in everything we do, and how we should bring God up in every one of our activities, then he finally prayed for us how we can bring him closer in each of our lives.

He started preaching the message by asking the congregation question if we truly as a Christian involve God in the little things we do? If we as a Christian communicate to God to wake us up midnight to learn for an exam? Or ask him to choose an outfit we want to wear for an occasion? Do we ever ask God to teach us how to prepare a nice meal? Do we ask him to teach us how to properly take our shower?

At this point everyone was quiet, and start to meditate in the word, honestly, I said no too few of this questions, because I said to myself, ‘’ First of all, why will I ask God to teach me how to properly take my bath’’, and then I started to rethink how much I have limited God, without even noticing it.

One thing I have to realized, is that, we humans always think that once we have that dream house or expensive car, that is when we know God is involved, well he has always been and want to be involved in every areas of our lives, but since we make it feel like it’s our own doing, we start to put remove God in some aspect of our lives and only involve him, in the area we need him the most. In the book of  Psalm 37: 23The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives’’ if truly we really realize how important it is, for God to be involved in every part of our lives today, we should make the choice of where he should be, or shouldn’t, because we have to realize that he’s the creator of our lives, and he is willing to help us all in our activities.

Okay friends, thanks for spending your time, to read my post today, and I hope for good changes in your life, in terms of involving God in your lives. I love you all and may the Holy Spirit be with you all always.

Until next time be great.


How I spent my Saturday.

Hello friends!

Today’s post will be a bit different, as the regular post. Today I will be doing something different by telling you what I did on Saturday. Normally I usually talk about my relationship between God, but today I want to share with you how I spent my day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to meditate and pray, then I started my daily activities by accomplishing some things that I needed to get done by going to the grocery store, doing shopping at Walmart. Since I had a guest at my apartment, I shopped a lot and then went to the african food shop to get some items. By the time I got home, I started to make a meal for my guest and I. I made jollof rice.
I know some of my subscribers reading this post might not know what Jollof rice means, well Jollof rice is an African dish, which is originally according to history it’s from Senegal.  it’s a famous and very common dish, prepared in many African, and each country has their own unique method to prepare this meal. I have personally tasted jollof rice from other African countries and yes I must confess that Nigeria Jollof rice  is the best for me. ( I am not been biased, I am just saying the truth) 

After the meal we had an interesting conversation, we kind of talked about our goals in life, like how we would love to help others in need of it, and how we can bring out the best version of ourselves. Well, friends we had an interesting and educating conversation, so after the meal, a friend of mine invited me to a Christmas party which started at 6 pm. We got there a little bit late and I got introduced to my friend’s Co-workers, and they were all nice people. The pizza at Pizza Ranch was one of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The pizza looked like it came from heaven, that was sent directly from an angel above to me. (Okay I guess I am exaggerating) After the pizza, we had some amazing fries and chicken. The people I met at the gathering were so pleasant to be around. We ended up having a DJ at the party and I got up there and danced the night away. I got a lot of compliments from people saying I danced well. I must confess I never knew I could dance that well. I got a present from the people, but unfortunately, I did not have a present to give them.

After the event, my friend Helene invited me and some other church youth from the church, for a Christmas cookie party. She lived in a nice apartment building close to downtown and my friend Quinn was the only guy around at the gathering. (It was quite awkward for him to be the only guy, but he dealt with it nicely). At first, we had drinks and had a chance to talk and get to know each other better. All the girls that I met there were very friendly. We talked about each other’s lives and I was the only one there that was a student, since they have all graduated from university, and now work at mayo clinic. I decorated cookies with them and ate some of them. I tried to build a gingerbread house but was unsuccessful.

Once I left the event, I said my goodbyes to my new friends, and I ended up watching the lord of the rings movie with my friend Quinn.


My prayer journey

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For some time now, most recently, I have kind of been struggling with my thoughts. Mostly at times when I feel relief from my challenges, then the enemy seems to raise his ugly head every now and again in my life. Or for example If I feel at peace, and have the feeling that I won a battle then another situation comes up again. I tried to explain this to my friend Grace, since we both have shared a lot of similarities, and she advised me to continually pray, told me that devil does not sleep, so I should pray without ceasing. Grace And I have prayed a lot, she always tries to encourage me, build my spiritual growth, she teaches me how to be strong, whenever I am passing through spiritual battles, and well I must confess that I have been a newbie at this for awhile.  

Once I fast and pray, I always feel like yes I am free, and the enemy shows up again, from one situation to another, sometimes I ask myself if the enemy isn’t tired, for the constant battle, sometimes I get really angry, but then I don’t give up with prayers, and battles like these always makes me come closer to God, and make me a stronger person.

Last week I was kind of lazy to pray, patiently waiting for God to do everything he has promised to do in my life, I wasn’t really praying much the way I should, as usual the enemy comes to tempt me and to remind me of my laziness, at this point I was defeated, and it kind of got to me. The devil can easily destroy ones life, also lies a lot,  and one can easily fall  victim to it. It takes one to be strong in Christ before you can overcome the devil. Though my case is different, because I am God’s daughter and he shows me warning signs first, before I physically see the devil’s temptation. And for these, I am grateful of.

But  I am thankful, Jesus has assured us peace no matter every trials and sorrows that come our way (John 16:33)

During this journey of battling with the enemy, I come to see that there is power of prayer. Back in those days, I used to pray only when I go to church, or whenever I am passing through challenges, struggles, or hard times. This wasn’t the best decision,  (you know as a Christian we are always learning every day, nobody knows it all in life). Prayer should be constant, something part of our life, it should always be a communication between God and man. We should allow him to direct our parts, so life can be easier for us all.

According to the bible Jesus prayed all the time, there was never a time when he took a break, so my question today is If Jesus could continually pray, who are we not to pray repeatedly?

If you read the bible closely it talks how Jesus prayed and his sweat was dripping like  blood (Luke22:44). Even Jesus instructed his disciples to always pray so they don’t fall into temptation. So if Master Jesus could tell his disciples this, who are we not to pray constantly?

Why do we feel the need to wait until we have trails before we turn to God, or why do we wait until Sunday before we communicate with God?

I have had a lot of experience in the past, and  ever since I have been communicating to God through prayer, things have really been different in my life. And today my friends I encourage you to not be ignorant of the true power of prayer.

Till next time my friend. Until then, be great!


Death inspires me!

Hello friends, Have you ever woke up one morning and start questioning God about some strange things that happens in your lives?

Okay let me quickly share a short story. 2 years ago I was struggling with life, I lost my dad, he went for vacation and he got shot on his stomach, he was taken to the hospital, but it saddens my heart to say that he couldn’t survive the incident. he left us so soon. I was depressed and I’ll stay up all night and start questioning God, about the death of my dad like why he doesn’t take the life of the wicked people ? Why my innocent dad?

It was heart breaking, I cried and just wanted to depart myself from people, but my mum kept telling me to always be thankful in any condiction I see myself.

Do you know how powerful that statement is? if you really take your time to understand it very well.

Sometimes family is family, but friends can actually be closer than family, my friend Sandra recommended me to start reading motivational books. I started reading motivational books and the first one that got me reading more was ‘’The power of positive thinking‘’

I started building my mindset in terms of, focusing on the things I have now. Counting my blessing,working on how to improve myself.

It is funny when people ask me what inspires me? My reply could be annoying to some, or some might not fully understand, whenever I tell them death inspires me. I am sorry to use the word but it truly inspires me, because my dad was one of the closest person that has ever passed.
Death affects people in different ways. For me death was an eye opening and a life sharpener, it made me realize that life is short , you need to understand things better and you also need to live in the now, and when I mean in the now, take advantage of things around you before its too late, when my dad died that was when I realized I need to start taking things serious like for example, I decided to go back to school. After I lost my dad I began to think about the fact that someone is older than you, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wiser. So death for me shape a lot and put alot of perspective on me. Don’t get me wrong I am not happy about it but the realization that is inevitable, because it will happen. Before I lost my dad there was one thing that he kept saying ‘’Joy if I die what will people think about me’’ So I just realize that when we die it is not the death that really matters, what really matters is the things that we left behind, what kind of story you have? Were you a good person to the world? The things people say about you are very important. Which is why I pray to God that I want to be a successful person but also make a difference, in terms of being a good person, people can always live to remember.

My goal in life is to be useful to the world, so death inspires me my friends.


Why You Need A Daily Journal


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I’ve been journaling for 2 years ago after I got introduced to it, by my good friend Grace, and my friends! I can tell you this has being a wonderful decision I ever made, and one of the most wonderful things I have managed to be a successful human being. This has been a testament to my personal growth that I’ve come across this far.

Before meeting Grace, I really did not understand the concept of why people journalize Honestly it didn’t make sense to me. I thought it was kind of silly of people to write down their everyday lifestyle in a paper.

Here are a few benefits I think you should keep a daily journal;

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1) Memories:

To write in a journal It is a memory keeper, like taking your life story into a book form, in physical chapters that you can hold and read again it is actually an incredible thing. I used to put pictures in my journal because it kind of makes me remember some of the details I might forget.
I find that memories in a journal not only makes the writer remember certain events but also how he/she felt emotionally during such events. It feels like you’re listening to an old person like a version of yourself talking and that’s where the emotional part really sets in.

2) Journaling makes you organized

For some reason, some people don’t find this process helpful. Either they’ve given it a try or just feel like there’s no need to give a shot. Well in my own opinion, the journaling process is very important, it doesn’t just teach me as a writer but prepare my journey in life as a human.

3) Makes you a life Observer and Goal Achiever

This is literally me! Every time I wake up in the morning, the first thing for me to do is pray to God and meditate, then I brush my teeth, drink a lot of water as much I can then bring out my journal and start writing. Usually, my writing skills are not fast at all. My brain thinks way faster than I write. So, I give myself time to be able to pen and pad.
Then the next thing I do, and think you should also do, is to write down your challenges, like the battle or struggles you are facing then your goals, your achievements, and Vision, I also normally journal down how I want to work in this particular aspect, like improving in this area of life, who I need to reach out before the year ends, or whatever I think has to change like finding a better solution.

4) Reduce stress

Writing down your feelings can help you to reduce stress.
The more you express yourself in a diary the better you feel good
(I have tried it several times and it works perfectly well). Have you ever thought of writing down all your frustrations, disappointments in a paper? If not you should give that a consideration.
Expressing yourself in a diary is a positive way of reducing stress.

5) get to know a lot about yourself

 According to Pierce, Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises ‘’A journal is a safe place where you can truly be honest with yourself’.  You get to know a lot about yourself, you know about your intention, your plan, your plans! You even start talking to yourself, communicating with that inner version of whom you truly are, it allows you to get really deep. I realize when you write you learn when you start understanding yourself and what you want to accomplish you start to understand yourself on a deeper level

6) Reflect in your past 

It makes you go back in your failure and your success and see what changes you have made in your life, it makes you realize who you have become over time and give you the joy and satisfaction to make you realize the growth you have in your life.