Have you asked yourself the question, what self-awareness means? It is an awareness. It is awareness of something you consider to be a self. What is a self?

Generally, I think that a human being is like a self, and the self is in a human body. The problem is when you consider not to be aware of something that is part of you.

My little understanding of self-awareness is, myself like everything I’m conscious of, also some parts of myself that I’m not aware of, but I can be aware of it if I start paying more attention to myself and noticing my behavior, like there are some behaviors I don’t consciously want, but some parts of my self-does, and sometimes I don’t know what motivates the part of myself to manage those behaviors.

Self-awareness is then to know the parts that I’m consciously observing. There’s a lot in myself that I’m not aware of, sometimes I  try to motivate those parts of myself I don’t fully understand, so I get to understand my own behavior by noticing my own actions.

Self-awareness is the awareness of the parts of myself that I can consciously observe. There is more to myself that I cannot be aware of. I do my best to try to trigger the motivations and to understand my own behavior.

I also have faced some parts of myself where I feel like I am carried away, ( it feels like I am being controlled by something else, which I strongly believe that it’s the other  part of myself I cannot notice).

Self-awareness includes both direct observations like I’m observing the way I’m noticing my behavior to get information, how I see or think about things, that I can’t quickly be aware of, because it takes a lot of process and patience.

I think self-awareness is critical for everyone to be able to understand why they are feeling the way they are feeling. I believe most people cannot understand the psychology of other people because most people don’t really understand themselves. And I think most of us are afraid to ask our loved one’s questions about ourselves, you know how they say “the truth will set you free, but first it will provoke you“.

Here is my short story on how I fully get to know myself.

For so many years I have read and listened to people who talked about the importance of how to increase self-awareness and consciousness. There was a time my psychology instructor talked about the topic”Self-awareness” This time I tried to pay more attention to it and bought it to me, then I started to practice it, by meditating daily, reminding myself as much as possible, I could be present and aware. The first week was kind of frustrating because I didn’t see any improvement, but later I started feeling some improvement, however nothing mind-blowing. I didn’t give up (whenever I start something I always love to finish it), so I trusted the process and continued (and yes! I’m glad I didn’t give up on time) for the last 5-6 months now I have really made a big growth in my level of self-awareness. I must confess that this has impacted my life in different ways. Something big is happening,my decision-making process has improved a lot, I’m now enjoying my life and feeling grateful in a pure genuine way, my self-esteem and more trust in myself,unlike before I always doubt myself, I am also bold now and I’m not afraid of any challenges that come my way before I know how to deal with them now.

Always trust the process, don’t be too fast to give up, and the payoff will come.


My testimony why I am Thankful

Happy thanksgiving to everyone reading this. Today I would love to share with you why I am thankful because I feel so thankful for a number of things I’ll be listing below. So I hope you enjoy reading it as much I love sharing this with you friends. 

The first thing I’m thankful about today is having my mother, I am thankful that I have such an amazing mother. Proverbs 22:6 ”Train up a child in the way he, should grow and when he is old he will never depart from it” I’m so thankful with the way I grew up, since I was 6 my parents taught me how to read the bible, pray before doing my daily activities, and this has been a part of my life, that I am so thankful of. I grew up in a small village, but my mom and dad had a modern mind. She is my number 1 supporter, she always got my back and advises me the right way. I could remember last year when I told my mom about traveling to the state for studies, she knew it would cost us a lot of money but she still supported me to follow my dream. I could still remember before I lost my dad, we never had an discussion about marriage. One thing he said to me was, “Gone are those days when your mum and I were rushed into marriage with understanding what marriage really means. Arrange marriages are for the past. Whenever you are ready for marriage, God will direct the right one to you,, but if you choose to be single, feel free if that’s what makes you happy. It’s a free world and it’s your life, you take your decision and we as  parents are here to support and give you the best advice.

I made awesome friends back then in high school, in church in my dancing club and family friends, but the numbers of friends doesn’t matter because you could have bunch of friends and only one could be a real friend or none. I am thankful that I am still in touch with a few friends now, that I know they got my back,  they love and accept me the way I am.

I am not really close with all my relatives, because they live in different parts of the world, but I’m grateful to God to have a lot of bunch to relate. And they are all successful in their ways, respected in society. They are all educated in respective fields
In my family we are all successful my eldest brother is a doctor and happily married, my second brother is a Chef and also happily married my two sisters are still schooling and one has a bachelor degree and the other has a master degree, there’s nothing like molesters, or criminals in my family.

I am thankful for my life, food, my health my supportive friends and family. I love the way things are going in my life. Sure I have setbacks in life,and made mistakes in the past, but I’m happy I learned from my mistakes and failures.  They made me a strong woman today and completely changed my life. I’m thankful I met amazing friends, people who are genuinely happy for me, (not fake love). I‘m thankful to have bumped into to these people
I am thankful for the things I have listed above. I did not really have to struggle. I lived a luxurious life before I lost my dad, but I still live comfortable now(not luxurious though!). I always feel privileged and bless whenever I hear when others talk about their struggles and hardship they have gone through. My memories of childhood was wonderful, I wish I can be a kid again I really feel thankful because I had the greatest upbringing and support, growing up as a child.

So here are the list of things I’m thankful for. My advice is, appreciate the little things you have in life, in order to enable God to do more in your lives. Be thankful in every situation you find yourself because you don’t know how privilege could be disguised as.