Little things that matters to God.

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Hello guys, so yesterday I kind of had a long and great day, I woke very early at 7 am in the morning because my math class starts at 8 am, so I got to school on time, and after class I had 3 hours break, and then, I went for my psychology class, After my psychology class,  I went for the choir rehearsal at school, which was amazing, because I got to sing with my classmates, we rehearsed for 2 hours since we have an upcoming event in college on Saturday. Nevertheless, it was fun singing with talented people, and I can’t wait for our performance.

I got to my apartment by 5:30 pm and the first thing I did was, my laundry which took me up to an hour, so I was planning to have dinner but I was running out of time because I needed to go for an evening service in church which starts by 7 pm. I asked my friend Quinn if he could come with me, and he agreed, so we both went to the beautiful service together.

We got to church on time, the choir sang one of my favorite songs, called ‘’Here I am to worship’’, which still stick to my head till now, then Pastor ‘’Evans’’ preached for an hour, the topic was ”why we should involve God in every little thing we do’’, and this topic was so great guys, and got me thinking about my life, I would love to share this message with you,
Basically, he preached, how we Christian doesn’t really involve God in everything we do, and how we should bring God up in every one of our activities, then he finally prayed for us how we can bring him closer in each of our lives.

He started preaching the message by asking the congregation question if we truly as a Christian involve God in the little things we do? If we as a Christian communicate to God to wake us up midnight to learn for an exam? Or ask him to choose an outfit we want to wear for an occasion? Do we ever ask God to teach us how to prepare a nice meal? Do we ask him to teach us how to properly take our shower?

At this point everyone was quiet, and start to meditate in the word, honestly, I said no too few of this questions, because I said to myself, ‘’ First of all, why will I ask God to teach me how to properly take my bath’’, and then I started to rethink how much I have limited God, without even noticing it.

One thing I have to realized, is that, we humans always think that once we have that dream house or expensive car, that is when we know God is involved, well he has always been and want to be involved in every areas of our lives, but since we make it feel like it’s our own doing, we start to put remove God in some aspect of our lives and only involve him, in the area we need him the most. In the book of  Psalm 37: 23The Lord directs the steps of the godly. He delights in every detail of their lives’’ if truly we really realize how important it is, for God to be involved in every part of our lives today, we should make the choice of where he should be, or shouldn’t, because we have to realize that he’s the creator of our lives, and he is willing to help us all in our activities.

Okay friends, thanks for spending your time, to read my post today, and I hope for good changes in your life, in terms of involving God in your lives. I love you all and may the Holy Spirit be with you all always.

Until next time be great.


About marriage.

The Topic of my choice I would like to discuss about today is marriage. A lot  of people want to get married, but the truth is does everyone know how to manage a marriage? Is marriage for everyone? Marriage is a holy institution and forms a base for a family. Today marriage has lost meaning to many people, and they do not view it as a holy institution anymore, and they think that they canter into marriage and exit at their pleasure. Disrespect to the marriage institution is the reason as to why there has been an increase in the divorce cases and the children caught up in a mess are the ones who suffer most. The creator of the women of faith blog must have noticed this trend in society and purposed to empower women to act as pillars in their families and take care of their marriages. According to the Bible, a marriage is a covenant t between two parties and only death is supposed to break the covenant because God hates divorce. He is the founder of the marriage institution and the manufacturer for any product is usually the one to give the guidelines for the usage of the product. Therefore, just as God instructs, divorce should not be an option when finding solutions to problems in the marriage. Christ based marriages are always successful because every time there was a problem in the marriage the partners will join hands and pray about it then God will intervene and make everything come back to normal. The women of faith blog encourages women to be prayerful and make sure they influence their partners to make peace in the family. When the families are at peace, the church will beat peace and the whole nation will experience harmony. The family is the basic unit in a great nation, Like my mum and late dad were a good example of how marriage should be, they were married for over 34 years, and their marriage were still fresh and exciting.

How to keep your marriage look fresh.
The two parties have to love themselves, because if there’s love between the two parties, it will give them a kind of hope and confident to move on and another point is trust! There must be a trust, in a marriage. And a marriage without trust is like “flogging a dead horse”. Another thing is sex, in terms of sex, the man has as to satisfy the woman in bed. Another big point is faith, you have to build your mindset that whom you are getting married to will be there with you forever, and you have to involve God into your marriage, because he’s the author of marriage. Another thing is, don’t involve third party to your marriage, if there’s an issue in ur marriage, talk to God or your spiritual pastor, so he could encourage you, rather than talking to friends or family. and another thing is cleanest, cleanest play a big role in marriage, some women or men don’t know how to clean themselves unlike before they got married, after they get married, they start bringing out some wired behavior these will make a marriage break, always look good, look presentable so at the end the parties don’t lack love from each others. the both parties have to be humble, there’s nothing like humility, maybe if the woman gets more money than the man then she might start looking down, or the other way round. And also both partners should learn how to control their selves, learn how to remove anger and try to tolerate some things.

So these are my little advice to married people and I hope these help your marriage. 


Women of faith blog

Hello friends, so today I will be writing from the ”women of faith” blog today. In women of faith blog, there is five categories, the home, who are we, community, store, blog, give, and contact page. The Creator of the women of faith blog created the blog with the aim of empowering women to be strong pillars in the society. The blog aims at bringing believers together to build the body of Christ. The blog encourages women to hold on to God and always pray for their marriages. The reason is that the creator of the blog understood that strong families are what bring about a strong nation. The blog has numerous articles of inspiration and also testimonies and examples of women who have been very successful in life. All articles have something in common in that they encourage women to uphold values such as love, faith, hope, gratitude and peace. Women of faith blog have led to the establishment of the women of faith radio which reaches out to women all over the world and share the word of God with them. It has been there for around 20 years, and everyone can access the radio from the blog. The blog also has a provision where an individual can submit their prayer request so that they can join hands with other women all over the world and help them to pray for a difficult situation that they might be going through. Women all over the world are free to subscribe to be ambassadors of women of faith group in different parts of the world. They are supposed to pay $33.33 to become ambassadors. The blogs also have one interesting verse that is useful in uplifting the spirits of women I enjoyed everything about this blog, I guess it’s one of my favourite faith blog. I feel like every women should read this blog, because it will educate women and make them live their best life in a Godly way, women should not allow any circumstances determine how they see life, I recommend this blog to women, it helps women to be fed with the biblical word, in terms of  what their perceptive or their mind set is on life, and for women to live their best life, is by making decision to change their lives for the better. By changing things women don’t like about ourselves, and making things look more better, like our mind set, or eating habit.
This blog taught me and made me realize how I can live my best life intention for God. Why I am uniquely made in this life,  I am a young woman of faith, a young woman who loves God and just tell people that they can live this unique life, creative life that God calls us to live, you can still live in the street dope, and love God, you don’t have to be super holy, or be in a certain way before you can love God. God we meet you where you are, and it happens so easily and you won’t even realize it.
I want to know what it means to live your own best life, and still love God. Leave your comment down below and don’t forget to check out ‘’Women of faith blog’’ Until next time! Be great.

How I spent my Saturday.

Hello friends!

Today’s post will be a bit different, as the regular post. Today I will be doing something different by telling you what I did on Saturday. Normally I usually talk about my relationship between God, but today I want to share with you how I spent my day on Saturday.

On Saturday morning I woke up early to meditate and pray, then I started my daily activities by accomplishing some things that I needed to get done by going to the grocery store, doing shopping at Walmart. Since I had a guest at my apartment, I shopped a lot and then went to the african food shop to get some items. By the time I got home, I started to make a meal for my guest and I. I made jollof rice.
I know some of my subscribers reading this post might not know what Jollof rice means, well Jollof rice is an African dish, which is originally according to history it’s from Senegal.  it’s a famous and very common dish, prepared in many African, and each country has their own unique method to prepare this meal. I have personally tasted jollof rice from other African countries and yes I must confess that Nigeria Jollof rice  is the best for me. ( I am not been biased, I am just saying the truth) 

After the meal we had an interesting conversation, we kind of talked about our goals in life, like how we would love to help others in need of it, and how we can bring out the best version of ourselves. Well, friends we had an interesting and educating conversation, so after the meal, a friend of mine invited me to a Christmas party which started at 6 pm. We got there a little bit late and I got introduced to my friend’s Co-workers, and they were all nice people. The pizza at Pizza Ranch was one of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The pizza looked like it came from heaven, that was sent directly from an angel above to me. (Okay I guess I am exaggerating) After the pizza, we had some amazing fries and chicken. The people I met at the gathering were so pleasant to be around. We ended up having a DJ at the party and I got up there and danced the night away. I got a lot of compliments from people saying I danced well. I must confess I never knew I could dance that well. I got a present from the people, but unfortunately, I did not have a present to give them.

After the event, my friend Helene invited me and some other church youth from the church, for a Christmas cookie party. She lived in a nice apartment building close to downtown and my friend Quinn was the only guy around at the gathering. (It was quite awkward for him to be the only guy, but he dealt with it nicely). At first, we had drinks and had a chance to talk and get to know each other better. All the girls that I met there were very friendly. We talked about each other’s lives and I was the only one there that was a student, since they have all graduated from university, and now work at mayo clinic. I decorated cookies with them and ate some of them. I tried to build a gingerbread house but was unsuccessful.

Once I left the event, I said my goodbyes to my new friends, and I ended up watching the lord of the rings movie with my friend Quinn.


Blog tour 2

Blog Post Response

Lauren’s Blog Post

So the second blog on my name below is Lauren’s Blog, after reading about this post, I was really amazed and I got to learn new different things I didn’t know much about before, there are a lot of helpful points Lauren (I recommend everyone should read), made in her blog, but the one that got to me was how she talked about the differences between the pro-life and pro-choice.

Lauren goes on and illustrates the immense differences between being pro-life and pro-choice. She goes on to talk how pro-life is characterized as believing that every potential child deserves the right to live and abortions should not be legal. However, people that are pro-choice believe that every woman should be able to decide to keep or terminate her pregnancy because it is her body. It is important to understand the argument that both sides have so that you understand the information at hand as well as your own stance on abortion. Those that are pro-life believe that abortion is murder, as an attempt to kill an unborn child under the United States law is sent to prison.

Additionally, if a woman chooses to get pregnant, then she should deal with the consequences of her actions. If she is not ready to have a child, then she can give the baby up for adoption. Those that are pro-life also advocate the sentiment that abortion defies the word of God, as no distinction is made between a fetus and a baby in the Bible.

Those that are pro-choice feel very differently from those that are pro-life. For example, pro-choice advocates assert that in Roe v. Wade having access to safe abortion was considered a fundamental right. Also, being able to choose to have an abortion gives a woman freedom over her body, and it cannot be regulated by the government. Women will continuously seek abortions, even if they are not legal, as was demonstrated before Roe v. Wade where numerous women died after receiving botched abortions from doctors. Providing women with a safe space to have an abortion is crucial for their health, as even if abortions were illegal women would seek them out.Abortions also give mothers the choice of ending a pregnancy that would be harmful for them to the fetus.

At First, I thought this blog would be complicated to read, to understand and not an interesting one to me, but then I started to see myself in this situation, I started to connect on her blog, and yes it makes more sense to me now! I like how she shares her personal opinion about abortion, well I am neither for nor against abortion. Abortion exists, it is a thing. I feel like the decision should be left up for the pregnant woman to decide because in future she will be the one to face the consequence, nevertheless, Laura made this topic more clear to me. Her word choice was amazing I feel some women who are for or against abortion should read her blog before they made a decision in their lives,

I adamantly find this blog interesting and educative, I look forward to learning more on Lauren’s Blog, I would recommend these blog for people who are facing these challenges in life, and they don’t know the right decision to make.

I would advise you to take your time and read Lauren’s blog for full understanding.


Blog Tour 1

Juan’s Blog

Hello friends, so this week’s blog is going to be something different, since this is a ‘’blog tour’’ week.I am to, write down two blog posts of my classmate, which are below my name at writeme, so the first one that is below my name, is Juan’s blog. I’ll love to share with you interesting topic she wrote about.

So basically Juan’s blog is about how we can build our Routine and live healthy, which is a very interesting topic to read.

The ‘’Supplements blogspot’’, post got my attention, this was very informative and interesting to me, I learned a lot and would like to share with you my friends.

Juan goes on to discuss how many people workout, they often ask themselves “Should I take supplements before I work out?” Supplements have been shown to improve the performance of people that are exercising. Also, those that are looking to gain weight can take different supplements as well as eat protein powder shakes to gain weight and muscle mass while working out. However, each needs to research what proteins and supplements are going to be right for their body. This is importantas not all proteins and supplements are going to work the same for each person trying to gain weight and muscle mass. One supplement to research is pre-workout. This is normally taken to give the person exercising an extra boost of energy. It has been found that those under 18 should not take this, as it can have health ramifications. Additionally, considering there are different kinds of protein powders, each will need to buy protein powder for what they are looking for in a workout. If someone is looking to get toned, then they should buy a protein powder to get toned.

     It is all up to the person exercising as to if they want to take pre-workout,supplements, and utilize protein powder before and after workouts. They should develop a comprehensive workout plan and decide if they want to incorporate these supplements and proteins into their life. These could make a big difference depending on what the person is looking for. If the person is simply looking to get toned, then they should find a protein powder for this, takelean supplements that will help them get toned, and develop a workout plan to  one different parts of their body. 

Juan made this blog fun to read, I really like how she shares her personal story on how she learned how to work out and gain muscle, these really motivated me, and guys I think I am going to try her method and see the result, and yes I’m sure and praying to God, it will work out! Well you know as they say, always trust the process,  

One thing I notice about Juan’s blog is that she kept it very simple, and well written, her points were outstanding too, one can tell that she put a lot of efforts.

I would recommend people who are willing to stay healthy to read Juan’s blog, it’s a life- changing my friends.

Thank me later 🙂 


Note on why we should pray

Hello friends,
Today I would like to share some important reasons why we should pray, after reading the scriptures in the bible. There is a couple of things that I think we need to be more conscious of. We need to let prayer be a part of our lives.
The first Chapter I will share is 1 Thessalonian 5:17 says ”Pray continually’’ this means, that we should pray without season, there should not be a particular time for us to communicate with God, or some people pray when they are passing through hardship, according to first Thessalonian, it tells us to keep praying, because our enemy doesn’t sleep. I know some people will feel how can you do that, I thought prayer is getting down on your knee. Prayer is something that should be part of our lives, continually thanking God for everything we go through and praying for others. 1 Thessalonian 5: 17 says ”Give thanks in all circumstances’’, this verse shows us that we should give thanks no matter the circumstances we are facing, we should find something we are thankful of. 1 Thessalonian 5:18 says ‘‘Do not put out the spirit’s’’ this means we have to pray continually, I was thinking about Paul’s life, I don’t remember a single time when Paul said, hey God will you give me a bigger house, or more clothes, or money, rather he prayed for our enemy. I know it is a hard one. We are to pray for food and shelter, Matthew 26:41 sayswe are to pray not to be tempted” this scripture means no matter how holy we are, we are never too holy enough to  not be tempted, that is why we need to pray to God. we are to pray for forgiveness, also to pray for others, not to do wrong, that evil will not persist, pray to be strengthened in spiritual power. Colossians 4:3 illustrates how we are to pray for open doors of others. Philippians 1:4 talks how we are to pray with joy and not sorrow. We are also to pray for the word of God to be spread clearly, 3 John 1:2 shows us how we are to pray for good health. We are to pray for God to get us all connected.
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Philippians 4:6 (NIV) ”Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God’’. It just means that we should ask God, not doing things on our own, making him be in part of our lives and ask.
Most of the time we don’t ask him, we need to learn how to ask him in the right way, what are the things hindering for God to answer our prayers because many people get easily discouraged when praying, they feel like there is no point of praying. Well, I do believe there is a huge need to pray, otherwise, God would have not given us reasons why we should pray. God is waiting the whole time for us to ask, he is the perfect gentlemen. God wants to do more for us, that we are willing to ask for.  He just wants to ask through the right way by praying.
So I want to encourage you today, keep up praying continually and never stop.



Have you asked yourself the question, what self-awareness means? It is an awareness. It is awareness of something you consider to be a self. What is a self?

Generally, I think that a human being is like a self, and the self is in a human body. The problem is when you consider not to be aware of something that is part of you.

My little understanding of self-awareness is, myself like everything I’m conscious of, also some parts of myself that I’m not aware of, but I can be aware of it if I start paying more attention to myself and noticing my behavior, like there are some behaviors I don’t consciously want, but some parts of my self-does, and sometimes I don’t know what motivates the part of myself to manage those behaviors.

Self-awareness is then to know the parts that I’m consciously observing. There’s a lot in myself that I’m not aware of, sometimes I  try to motivate those parts of myself I don’t fully understand, so I get to understand my own behavior by noticing my own actions.

Self-awareness is the awareness of the parts of myself that I can consciously observe. There is more to myself that I cannot be aware of. I do my best to try to trigger the motivations and to understand my own behavior.

I also have faced some parts of myself where I feel like I am carried away, ( it feels like I am being controlled by something else, which I strongly believe that it’s the other  part of myself I cannot notice).

Self-awareness includes both direct observations like I’m observing the way I’m noticing my behavior to get information, how I see or think about things, that I can’t quickly be aware of, because it takes a lot of process and patience.

I think self-awareness is critical for everyone to be able to understand why they are feeling the way they are feeling. I believe most people cannot understand the psychology of other people because most people don’t really understand themselves. And I think most of us are afraid to ask our loved one’s questions about ourselves, you know how they say “the truth will set you free, but first it will provoke you“.

Here is my short story on how I fully get to know myself.

For so many years I have read and listened to people who talked about the importance of how to increase self-awareness and consciousness. There was a time my psychology instructor talked about the topic”Self-awareness” This time I tried to pay more attention to it and bought it to me, then I started to practice it, by meditating daily, reminding myself as much as possible, I could be present and aware. The first week was kind of frustrating because I didn’t see any improvement, but later I started feeling some improvement, however nothing mind-blowing. I didn’t give up (whenever I start something I always love to finish it), so I trusted the process and continued (and yes! I’m glad I didn’t give up on time) for the last 5-6 months now I have really made a big growth in my level of self-awareness. I must confess that this has impacted my life in different ways. Something big is happening,my decision-making process has improved a lot, I’m now enjoying my life and feeling grateful in a pure genuine way, my self-esteem and more trust in myself,unlike before I always doubt myself, I am also bold now and I’m not afraid of any challenges that come my way before I know how to deal with them now.

Always trust the process, don’t be too fast to give up, and the payoff will come.


My prayer journey

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For some time now, most recently, I have kind of been struggling with my thoughts. Mostly at times when I feel relief from my challenges, then the enemy seems to raise his ugly head every now and again in my life. Or for example If I feel at peace, and have the feeling that I won a battle then another situation comes up again. I tried to explain this to my friend Grace, since we both have shared a lot of similarities, and she advised me to continually pray, told me that devil does not sleep, so I should pray without ceasing. Grace And I have prayed a lot, she always tries to encourage me, build my spiritual growth, she teaches me how to be strong, whenever I am passing through spiritual battles, and well I must confess that I have been a newbie at this for awhile.  

Once I fast and pray, I always feel like yes I am free, and the enemy shows up again, from one situation to another, sometimes I ask myself if the enemy isn’t tired, for the constant battle, sometimes I get really angry, but then I don’t give up with prayers, and battles like these always makes me come closer to God, and make me a stronger person.

Last week I was kind of lazy to pray, patiently waiting for God to do everything he has promised to do in my life, I wasn’t really praying much the way I should, as usual the enemy comes to tempt me and to remind me of my laziness, at this point I was defeated, and it kind of got to me. The devil can easily destroy ones life, also lies a lot,  and one can easily fall  victim to it. It takes one to be strong in Christ before you can overcome the devil. Though my case is different, because I am God’s daughter and he shows me warning signs first, before I physically see the devil’s temptation. And for these, I am grateful of.

But  I am thankful, Jesus has assured us peace no matter every trials and sorrows that come our way (John 16:33)

During this journey of battling with the enemy, I come to see that there is power of prayer. Back in those days, I used to pray only when I go to church, or whenever I am passing through challenges, struggles, or hard times. This wasn’t the best decision,  (you know as a Christian we are always learning every day, nobody knows it all in life). Prayer should be constant, something part of our life, it should always be a communication between God and man. We should allow him to direct our parts, so life can be easier for us all.

According to the bible Jesus prayed all the time, there was never a time when he took a break, so my question today is If Jesus could continually pray, who are we not to pray repeatedly?

If you read the bible closely it talks how Jesus prayed and his sweat was dripping like  blood (Luke22:44). Even Jesus instructed his disciples to always pray so they don’t fall into temptation. So if Master Jesus could tell his disciples this, who are we not to pray constantly?

Why do we feel the need to wait until we have trails before we turn to God, or why do we wait until Sunday before we communicate with God?

I have had a lot of experience in the past, and  ever since I have been communicating to God through prayer, things have really been different in my life. And today my friends I encourage you to not be ignorant of the true power of prayer.

Till next time my friend. Until then, be great!


Death inspires me!

Hello friends, Have you ever woke up one morning and start questioning God about some strange things that happens in your lives?

Okay let me quickly share a short story. 2 years ago I was struggling with life, I lost my dad, he went for vacation and he got shot on his stomach, he was taken to the hospital, but it saddens my heart to say that he couldn’t survive the incident. he left us so soon. I was depressed and I’ll stay up all night and start questioning God, about the death of my dad like why he doesn’t take the life of the wicked people ? Why my innocent dad?

It was heart breaking, I cried and just wanted to depart myself from people, but my mum kept telling me to always be thankful in any condiction I see myself.

Do you know how powerful that statement is? if you really take your time to understand it very well.

Sometimes family is family, but friends can actually be closer than family, my friend Sandra recommended me to start reading motivational books. I started reading motivational books and the first one that got me reading more was ‘’The power of positive thinking‘’

I started building my mindset in terms of, focusing on the things I have now. Counting my blessing,working on how to improve myself.

It is funny when people ask me what inspires me? My reply could be annoying to some, or some might not fully understand, whenever I tell them death inspires me. I am sorry to use the word but it truly inspires me, because my dad was one of the closest person that has ever passed.
Death affects people in different ways. For me death was an eye opening and a life sharpener, it made me realize that life is short , you need to understand things better and you also need to live in the now, and when I mean in the now, take advantage of things around you before its too late, when my dad died that was when I realized I need to start taking things serious like for example, I decided to go back to school. After I lost my dad I began to think about the fact that someone is older than you, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are wiser. So death for me shape a lot and put alot of perspective on me. Don’t get me wrong I am not happy about it but the realization that is inevitable, because it will happen. Before I lost my dad there was one thing that he kept saying ‘’Joy if I die what will people think about me’’ So I just realize that when we die it is not the death that really matters, what really matters is the things that we left behind, what kind of story you have? Were you a good person to the world? The things people say about you are very important. Which is why I pray to God that I want to be a successful person but also make a difference, in terms of being a good person, people can always live to remember.

My goal in life is to be useful to the world, so death inspires me my friends.