My testimony why I am Thankful

Happy thanksgiving to everyone reading this. Today I would love to share with you why I am thankful because I feel so thankful for a number of things I’ll be listing below. So I hope you enjoy reading it as much I love sharing this with you friends. 

The first thing I’m thankful about today is having my mother, I am thankful that I have such an amazing mother. Proverbs 22:6 ”Train up a child in the way he, should grow and when he is old he will never depart from it” I’m so thankful with the way I grew up, since I was 6 my parents taught me how to read the bible, pray before doing my daily activities, and this has been a part of my life, that I am so thankful of. I grew up in a small village, but my mom and dad had a modern mind. She is my number 1 supporter, she always got my back and advises me the right way. I could remember last year when I told my mom about traveling to the state for studies, she knew it would cost us a lot of money but she still supported me to follow my dream. I could still remember before I lost my dad, we never had an discussion about marriage. One thing he said to me was, “Gone are those days when your mum and I were rushed into marriage with understanding what marriage really means. Arrange marriages are for the past. Whenever you are ready for marriage, God will direct the right one to you,, but if you choose to be single, feel free if that’s what makes you happy. It’s a free world and it’s your life, you take your decision and we as  parents are here to support and give you the best advice.

I made awesome friends back then in high school, in church in my dancing club and family friends, but the numbers of friends doesn’t matter because you could have bunch of friends and only one could be a real friend or none. I am thankful that I am still in touch with a few friends now, that I know they got my back,  they love and accept me the way I am.

I am not really close with all my relatives, because they live in different parts of the world, but I’m grateful to God to have a lot of bunch to relate. And they are all successful in their ways, respected in society. They are all educated in respective fields
In my family we are all successful my eldest brother is a doctor and happily married, my second brother is a Chef and also happily married my two sisters are still schooling and one has a bachelor degree and the other has a master degree, there’s nothing like molesters, or criminals in my family.

I am thankful for my life, food, my health my supportive friends and family. I love the way things are going in my life. Sure I have setbacks in life,and made mistakes in the past, but I’m happy I learned from my mistakes and failures.  They made me a strong woman today and completely changed my life. I’m thankful I met amazing friends, people who are genuinely happy for me, (not fake love). I‘m thankful to have bumped into to these people
I am thankful for the things I have listed above. I did not really have to struggle. I lived a luxurious life before I lost my dad, but I still live comfortable now(not luxurious though!). I always feel privileged and bless whenever I hear when others talk about their struggles and hardship they have gone through. My memories of childhood was wonderful, I wish I can be a kid again I really feel thankful because I had the greatest upbringing and support, growing up as a child.

So here are the list of things I’m thankful for. My advice is, appreciate the little things you have in life, in order to enable God to do more in your lives. Be thankful in every situation you find yourself because you don’t know how privilege could be disguised as.


Why we should be Thankful.

Hello beautiful people!
Today I have a great message for you, I will like to share and discuss about the verses I read in the bible today and I’m sure you will be able to learn from it.

firstly I want to say, it’s always good to give thanks to God for our lives, according to the book of Psalm 107 which says “oh give thanks to the lord for he’s good and his mercies endeared forever” because God has been good to us, we own him a lot in terms of, thankful, his mercies which means that everything we receive from God today, doesn’t mean that we are too kind or qualify it, but his mercies. These mercies of God doesn’t cause us anything but the gratitude of our heart requires for God to do more.

Psalm 9:1 ”I will give thanks to you lord with all my heart, I’ll tell of all your wonderful deeds“ Giving thanks to lord must genuinely come our heart in order for God who sees in secret will reward you. Likewise is it important to tell his wonderful deeds, remain yourself share testimonies to people what God has done for you, these could help others to build their faith in God and strength their desire!

Psalms 7:17 says “I’ll give thanks to the lord because of his righteousness” As we read it is obvious to give God thanks for his righteousness because of the prize Jesus pay for us in the cross of Calvary.

Psalm 100:4 It’s important to visit the house of God more especially where
we can kneel down and thank him, express our gratitude for his goodness in our lives, however it’s also important to meet other people to thank God together. Psalm 106: says ”We should praise the lord for his love endures forever” there’s other part in our lives which desire to thank God , not only his goddesses but also his love that endured forever. His goodness and love which endures forever require our thanksgiving.

Philippians 4:6-7 says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation by prayer and petition with thanksgiving present your request to God“ it doesn’t matter how challenges you may face, you thanksgiving to God, must always be presented, because in most cases God doesn’t look at our challenges but our thanksgiving, he sees our thanksgiving as a way to solve our problems. Secondly your request can be known through your thanksgiving, therefore it’s important for us to be always thankful.

2 Corinthians 4:15 “ all these is for your benefit so the grace that is reaching more may cause people to overflow to the glory of God“ we need God’s grace which will helps us in times need.

Not everyone can be thankful to God but it takes a free heart and free spirit to be thankful , secondly ungratefulness can also bring hindered or blockage in our mind, heart, not to thank him freely without heart such as openly our heart, ( it’s one thing to know God, and also thank him) not every is grateful

We should all be grateful and thankful in any situation we find ourselves so God can do more in each of our lives:)


Why You Need A Daily Journal


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I’ve been journaling for 2 years ago after I got introduced to it, by my good friend Grace, and my friends! I can tell you this has being a wonderful decision I ever made, and one of the most wonderful things I have managed to be a successful human being. This has been a testament to my personal growth that I’ve come across this far.

Before meeting Grace, I really did not understand the concept of why people journalize Honestly it didn’t make sense to me. I thought it was kind of silly of people to write down their everyday lifestyle in a paper.

Here are a few benefits I think you should keep a daily journal;

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1) Memories:

To write in a journal It is a memory keeper, like taking your life story into a book form, in physical chapters that you can hold and read again it is actually an incredible thing. I used to put pictures in my journal because it kind of makes me remember some of the details I might forget.
I find that memories in a journal not only makes the writer remember certain events but also how he/she felt emotionally during such events. It feels like you’re listening to an old person like a version of yourself talking and that’s where the emotional part really sets in.

2) Journaling makes you organized

For some reason, some people don’t find this process helpful. Either they’ve given it a try or just feel like there’s no need to give a shot. Well in my own opinion, the journaling process is very important, it doesn’t just teach me as a writer but prepare my journey in life as a human.

3) Makes you a life Observer and Goal Achiever

This is literally me! Every time I wake up in the morning, the first thing for me to do is pray to God and meditate, then I brush my teeth, drink a lot of water as much I can then bring out my journal and start writing. Usually, my writing skills are not fast at all. My brain thinks way faster than I write. So, I give myself time to be able to pen and pad.
Then the next thing I do, and think you should also do, is to write down your challenges, like the battle or struggles you are facing then your goals, your achievements, and Vision, I also normally journal down how I want to work in this particular aspect, like improving in this area of life, who I need to reach out before the year ends, or whatever I think has to change like finding a better solution.

4) Reduce stress

Writing down your feelings can help you to reduce stress.
The more you express yourself in a diary the better you feel good
(I have tried it several times and it works perfectly well). Have you ever thought of writing down all your frustrations, disappointments in a paper? If not you should give that a consideration.
Expressing yourself in a diary is a positive way of reducing stress.

5) get to know a lot about yourself

 According to Pierce, Ultimate Lifestyle Enterprises ‘’A journal is a safe place where you can truly be honest with yourself’.  You get to know a lot about yourself, you know about your intention, your plan, your plans! You even start talking to yourself, communicating with that inner version of whom you truly are, it allows you to get really deep. I realize when you write you learn when you start understanding yourself and what you want to accomplish you start to understand yourself on a deeper level

6) Reflect in your past 

It makes you go back in your failure and your success and see what changes you have made in your life, it makes you realize who you have become over time and give you the joy and satisfaction to make you realize the growth you have in your life.


About the book of Genesis

Summary: Today I want to talk about the book of Genesis. The book is divided into two different parts, First of all, you have chapter 1 to 11, where God is dealing with mankind as a whole and second of all, you have chapter 12-20where God zoomed in, on the life of one man Abraham and his family.

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In the first two chapters, we have the creation and the story. It interesting how God created. First 3 days he created spaces for things like the sky, land seas and so on, and in the last six days, he put things like the bird, light, fish, and mankind in those spaces. But then in chapter 3 everything went down because Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden tree. Then in Chapter 6, the next major event is the flood. God said I can see where all these is going And
‘’Gen 6:5’’God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. I am going to wipe on mankind and start again, with the man named Noah. Finally, in chapter 11 this is where the story of Babel came and people said ‘’I am going to name a name for myself’’ and build a tower that reaches up to the heavens,  and God confused them all and start making them speak different languages.

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GEN 12:2 God saidto Abraham that he wants to make a conversant with him, that he wants him to bealight in the darkness that surrounds him so when he, so when he bless him somuch the nation around him will be attracted to his blessing which will give himthe opportunity to point the people to God. Abraham had 2 sons one was named Ishmaeland Isaac and the promise went through Isaac and Issacs had 2 sons named Jacoband Esau and the promise went through Jacob, Jacob had 12 sons and one of themwas Josef. And Josef happened to be Jacob favorite son because he was born byone of his favorite wife name Richard. So the book ends with severe Famine thatspread across the face of the earth, and the only food in the face of the earthis in Egypt. To which Josef has total control over distributing this food. Soas soon as Josef family finds out there was food in Egypt, theymoved to Egypt to get food. So that was how the Jewish nation moved to Egypt  

Connection: I want to highlight 3 points that you can learn today.

Creation: God can take something we don’t believe in and speak a word a create something beautiful from it.

The second lessons even if God forgive there are conquences to face in life. Because if you remember when Adam and Eve sinned, they became ashamed around each other, they felt guilty before God. They start hiding before God, and were afraid of God, they began to blame one and another and ended up making up for their sins by doing good work. Such as covering their selves with fig leaves

The last lesson is Grace. If you notice the fig leaves Adam and Eve used to cover themselves was not good enough in God’s sight so what God did is that, he went to kill an innocent animal and use the animal skin to cover them. This teaches us that even if Adam and Eve were guilty and deserve punishment from God, God showed something that was innocent and decided to take his punishment out on that instead which is a for shallowing of what he was going to do for us through Jesus Christ on the cross.


About me

Oh Hello, friends,

I’m Mary joy but friends call me Joy, I am a Christian, a Jesus Lover and a fan of makeup. It also happens to be that my major is nursing.

I created Mary Joy (which is basically my name) that I can actually call my own. I specifically created it talk about things that are interested in me

This blog is a faith-based blog with a splash of lifestyle posts.

So join me in this journey of my life.

Just some fun facts about me: 

  • I love reading the bible a lot
  • I’m a very Ambidextrous human. Like seriously, I can do a lot of things with both hands.
  • I love to talk only when I am familiar with the someone.
  • I was born on January 13th, 1997.
  • I’m kind of a mix of introverted and extroverted
  • When I’m introverted, I like being alone, love staying in my apartment and just read the bible, meditate in the words then sing some Christian songs or I also love watching Netflix series
  • Meanwhile, when I’m extroverted, I can make you laugh a lot and you will always live to remember that day lol! (People always say I am a funny girl)
  • I enjoy minding my business and love drinking water lol
  • I love cooking for my friends and family
  • Just buy me a Zara gift card for Christmas, and we will be best friends (HAHA just kidding) but I love present.
  • I love fashion.
  • Biology was one of my favorite subjects back then in high school, however, it happens to be my worst subject now in College.
  • I always want to be my boss and I want to run my business someday.
  • I am from Nigeria
  • I am very good at saving money.
  • I don’t like being in my comfort zone I am that girl that always looking forward to a “what is next to do?”
  • I don’t talk much in large crowds, but small groups are usually where my personality comes out.
  • Most of the people think that I am a very shy person but I am actually the opposite.
  • Victorious is still my best TV series EVER!
  • My favorite movie would forever remain The ‘lord of the ring’
  • I give pretty great advice. Trust me, I really do.
  • Making a decision has been something I am not good at, but once I make my mind on something, it is hard to change my mind.
  • I would love to cut my hair someday, I’m kind of curious about how it would turn out.
  • I love dressing cute and taking pictures.
  • I love traveling and meeting new people, also, learning others cultures.. so please take me along with you.
  • I’ve dealt with depression, and it was not fun, but thank God, he got me.
  • I have a trust issue. Because in the past. I used to trust people a lot of people but it happens to me that, most of them disappointed me.
  • I keep a small circle of true friend.
  • I have more male friends than female friends and trust me I love every bit of it.
  • I would eat fries with frosty, Every day!

Now that you know a few things about me, I will be excited to get to know about you too. Follow me here on my blog. And I will be happy if you are willing to share somethings about you…